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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

How to Engage Hitachi for Issues with Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS)


Issues with HDPS/CommVault can be escalated to Hitachi Vantara via telephone or Support Connect. Each escalation will require a certain amount of information which will be outlined below. Once the escalation is received, Hitachi will engage CommVault support. This is known as a pass-through process in that CommVault will own the interaction and progress the issue through resolution. Hitachi will act as an intermediary should any issues arise during the support process.  


  • Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS)


Please be prepared to provide the following information when contacting Hitachi:

  • Hitachi Site ID 
  • CommCell ID 
  • CommVault Version including Patch Level 
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Preferred Contact Method – Email or Phone
  • Brief Problem Description – Please provide the task you are trying to perform, whether logs have been uploaded, how this is affecting you, and any other questions/concerns.
  • Job Pending or Failure Reason
  • Job ID (if applicable)
  • Criticality of Issue –  Critical (loss of operation, without workaround), Major (work around exists), Minor (No immediate impact)

When you are ready to engage Hitachi, you may use one of the following methods:

  • Phone Call – You may call our Support Center by selecting the country you are in on our Contact Us page on Support Connect. This is the preferred method if you are experiencing a critical, business impacting issue.
  • Support Connect – If you are a registered member of our customer portal, Support Connect, you may use this method for non-critical requests. For instructions on opening a Service Request, please refer to the following link. Please be sure to include the CommCell ID in the Title or Problem Description to assist us with identifying that this is a HDPS related issue. 

If you have data you would like to upload, please wait until contacted by a CommVault technician. They will provide their preferred method of uploading data directly to their repositories or provide direction on gathering data they feel is appropriate for the issue.

Special Considerations

Please be advised, if you are contacting Hitachi on behalf of an end customer, you will have to be authorized to open cases with CommVault.  To do so, please reach out to your account team, so that they can notify CommVault.  If this is not done, the resolution process may be delayed while this information is sorted.