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Vigilant TAS

The Vigilant TAS connector is a data connector that enables HVS to communicate and integrate with the Vigilant API. Data from Vigilant will be seamlessly integrated and displayed within the HVS interface. Vigilant data can then be correlated to be used with other HVS features. The integration relies upon the capabilities of the Vigilant SDK to provide feature accessibility within HVS. Vigilant TAS APIs return a list of license plates which are matched against a list of blacklisted license plates. The user gets notified on the UI as and when there is a new license plate that is captured. Vigilant TAS sends a list of details of the license plates along with the car and plate image of the car. This is displayed on the HVS UI.

Prerequisites and Configuration Considerations

  • The Vigilant TAS integration is supported in HVS versions 4.7.6 and above
  • Internet connection

Added benefits

  • Immediate notification upon receiving the information of a black listed license plate
  • See Car Image as well as the Car Plate Image