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Hitachi Data Systems Knowledge

UTC Interlogix

Hitachi Visualization Suite is compatible with the UTC Interlogix’s TruVision DVRs / NVRs via the HVS 4.7.5 connector.

Prerequisites and Configuration Considerations

  • Windows machine (32 or 64 bit)
  • Video channels can be discovered through the Interlogix TruVision DVRs / NVRs
  • Tested with Interlogix SDK TruVNet v4.0.2.58 and HAL v6.0.9.1
  • HVS versions 4.7.5 and above


  • Show all cameras from Interlogix in HVS “Cameras” view with basic camera information

Live Video:

  • See live video streams from within HVS map, video panel, video wall, and details