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The Sensity connector enables Sensity NetSense Video Nodes to communicate and integrate with HVS. Video from these devices will be seamlessly integrated and displayed within the HVS interface.

Hitachi Visualization Suite is a comprehensive integrated cloud and mobile software application that provides a common operating platform for full situational awareness. With HVS you can visualize and interact with multiple sources of information geospatially. Hitachi Visualization Suite is compatible with the Sensity NetSense Video Node via the HVS 4.7.6 Sensity Connector. 

Prerequisites and Configuration Considerations

  • Sensity API must be enabled and reachable
  • Video node recording must be enabled to for high resolution
  • Set ("vmsPollingInterval": 200000) in CameraStreamer.json 

Key Features

  • See live video streams from within HVS 
  • Download and store video files


  • Show all cameras from Sensity Video Node in HVS "Cameras" view with basic camera information

Live Video

  • See live video streams from within HVS map, video panel, video wall, and details

Export Video

  • Ability to export recorded video from Sensity Video Node


Issue: Live video and export will no longer start

Solution: Increase the VMS polling interval in CameraStreamer.json ("vmsPollingInterval": 200000). Restart connector and the Sensity Video Node.


Issue: Export videos not appearing

Solution: Try again after previous export is completed. Only one export is allowed at a time based on API restrictions.

Solution: The time specified my not have recordings try another timeframe.