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Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

IPConfigure and Orchid

Add Gateway to HVS Map

To add an IPConfigure Orchid Camera to your selected map select the cog icon in the far lower left corner of HVS.

Select Cameras and filter by Gateway

Use "Staging Cloud Gateway 01 - demo" to connect to an IPConfigure Orchid Camera.


Add New Camera

Cog icon>Camera>plus icon


Licence plate recognition


IPConfigure WebUI and Orchid

HVS now supports IPConfigure Orchid Video Management System (VMS), which is seamlessly embedded into HVS Version 4.7.3.

  • The embedded Orchid VMS player playback controls and dashboard allows intuitive control, like video scrolling. Additional features include:
    • Streaming GPS-enabled camera feed
    • Export video
    • Motion detection recording (only see events and no downtime)
    • Mobile UI support
    • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera support
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Twitter integration enhancements
  • UI color palette changes

Visit IPConfigure Orchid's website for 3rd party documentation.

Known limitations